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3D Simulation with the New VECTRA H2

Dr Leo Aesthetic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery is proud to be the first clinic in Singapore to operate the new VECTRA H2 3D Simulation System, an imaging solution that captures the topography and contours of the face, breasts and body in high-resolution 3D.

Compared to other simulation brands in the market, the Canfield Vectra Company has been in the market since 1998 and the system has been proven to be reliable with little margin of error.

Using the VECTRA H2 3D imaging system, Dr Leo can provide a realistic assessment and comprehensive patient education regarding their plastic surgery procedures. VECTRA’s software simulation tools can create visually accurate 3D representations of potential results of the surgical procedure. This allows each patient to explore various surgical options, and decide on the procedure that best suits his or her personal goals.

We especially recommend the VECTRA H2 3D imaging system to breast augmentation patients, as this can help visualize and compare the results of the procedure based on different implant sizes.

The VECTRA H2 3D simulation experience begins with a brief photo session at our clinic. This creates the starting point for your aesthetic consultation. Using a special simulation software, you are free to experiment on your 3D picture and try out different styles and shapes until you find that perfect look.

Once you have decided on the appearance you want, the VECTRA H2 3D simulation, together with Dr Leo, will then guide you through the most optimal surgical plan. Because you have already seen a preview of the result, you can be confident of the outcome.

Dr Leo Kah Woon is an MOH-accredited plastic surgeon with years of experience and track record in performing cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, as well as non-invasive procedures. To find out more about Dr Leo’s services, contact our clinic at 6733-3895 today.