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Thigh Lift

The effects of aging, together with weight fluctuations, unfortunately result in unshapely thighs. Because of this, patients are hesitant to wear shorts and miniskirts for fear of exposing these areas. Fortunately, there are procedures that can give them firmer and more toned legs.

People with fat thighs and minimal loose skin can benefit from liposuction. This procedure typically involves aspirating and suctioning out stubborn fats using a thin tube inserted through 1-2 small incisions in each thigh.

A thigh lift, on the other hand, is recommended for patients whose main problem is loose skin around the thighs (usually as a result of massive weight loss). This procedure involves excising an elliptical piece of skin and fat beginning from the inner thigh.

For patients with mild to moderate thigh skin laxity, the incision is typically done within the groin crease. For patients with moderate to severe skin laxity, the incision extends vertically down the inner thigh. Both methods allow for removal of large amounts of excess skin and fat.

How Is a Thigh Lift Performed?

A thigh lift is a day surgery performed under intravenous sedation. An incision is then made in the groin or inner thigh to remove excess skin and tissues. The remaining skin will then be pulled taut, and the incision is closed with sutures.

Post-surgery, drain bottles are inserted underneath the skin for 2-3 days to drain excess blood and fluids. No suture removal is needed since absorbable sutures are used. Waterproof dressing should also be left in place for 2-3 weeks before the incision can be exposed. Scar management, which involves using scar creams, oral tables and laser therapy, follows afterwards.

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