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Sub-Brow Lift

Droopy eyelids are a common condition that plastic surgeons face on a day-to-day basis. At our clinic, the most popular procedure requested by patients is an upper blepharoplasty, in which excess skin and fat is removed from the upper eyelids and a double eyelid crease is created.

However, some patients only want improvement for their droopy eyelids, but not get double eyelids. Others want to maintain their existing double eyelid shape and curvature whilst improving the lateral hooding. In these circumstances, a sub-brow lift is the procedure of choice.

A sub-brow lift is performed by making an incision exactly underneath the eyebrow. The excess surrounding skin and muscles are then excised, tightened and sutured, significantly reducing sagging without making any changes to the existing double eyelid crease. The resulting scar is hidden beneath the eyebrow, with the stitches typically removed after 1 week.

A sub-brow lift is done under local anesthesia and takes around 45 minutes to complete. Compared to a conventional upper blepharoplasty, the downtime is shorter. Antibiotics, painkillers and anti-swelling medicines are prescribed post-procedure to optimize healing. Downtime is typically 3-5 days.

For patients who want a truly “scarless” surgery, eyebrow embroidery may be performed over the resulting scar after 2-3 months to cover any scar entirely.

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