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Stretch Mark Removal

Stretch marks are indented streaks or stripes that develop when the skin stretches or shrinks rapidly. When the skin is pulled beyond its range of natural elasticity, the collagen and elastin in the skin ruptures, leading to the appearance of stretch marks. Initially, these scars come in a red, pink, purple or brown colour, but overtime, they fade into the silver-white colour we often see.

Stretch marks are common and harmless, and typically appear due to the following:

  • rapid weight gain or loss
  • pregnancy
  • growth spurts during pregnancy
  • intensive weights training with rapid muscle growth

Stretch marks are often difficult to treat. The first rule of stretch mark removal: Prevention, prevention, prevention. We often advise our pregnant patients to intensively moisturize their bellies several times a day. Moisturizing becomes especially essential during the 2nd to 3rd trimester when there is rapid size increase of the foetus.

Prevention techniques do not totally eliminate the risk of developing stretch marks, but they do significantly reduce it.

To date, there is no one method that can completely remove stretch marks. At our clinic, we use a combination of creams and laser therapy to minimize scar appearance. We recommend creams that are infused with hyaluronic acid and tretinoin, both of which are known for rebuilding collagen. These creams are most suited for early stretch marks, and should be applied thoroughly every day for several weeks before results can be seen.

Aside from these creams, we encourage our patients to undergo fractional laser therapy every month. This non-invasive procedure stimulates collagen production and encourages the resurfacing of fresher and smoother skin.

For patients who’ve undergone massive weight loss and skin stretching, the method of choice to remove excess fat and skin, and get rid of stretch marks definitively, is through an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck surgery.

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