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Inverted Nipple Correction

Inverted nipples are an area of great concern for women because they carry negative cosmetic implications and difficulties in breastfeeding.

There are 3 grades of nipple inversion depending on the degree of inversion and mobility of the nipple, as follows:

  • Grade 1 – The nipple is easily pulled out and maintains its projection.
  • Grade 2 – The nipple can be pulled out but does not maintain its projection post-manipulation.
  • Grade 3 – The nipple is severely retracted and inverted, and may not be pulled out.

Most patients who seek treatment at our clinic belong to the grade 2 and 3 categories. The surgical procedure of choice depends on the degree of nipple inversion:

  • Grade 1 – It is often possible to correct Grade 1 retractions without damaging the patient’s glandular ducts. Hence, the ability to breastfeed is preserved. This is through incision and suture at the side of the nipple.
  • Grade 2 – The fibrosing glandular ducts are freed. Sutures are placed at the base of the nipple to prevent re-retraction.
  • Grade 3 – An interposition material similar to the patient’s own skin is placed inside the nipple to prevent retraction. This method is usually done under local anesthesia and takes 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. Waterproof dressings are kept on for 1-2 weeks or until the wound is healed.

Usual risks of the procedure includes bleeding, infection and scarring risks, though these are rare in the hands of an experienced surgeon. Patients must also be prepared for slight numbness at the nipple tip. Downtime for the procedure is between 2-7 days depending on the type of procedure.

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