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Repair of Torn Earlobes

Torn earlobes are common in women and are often caused by prolonged wearing of heavy earrings, trauma, or by simply having thin earlobe skin. It may start as the enlargement of earring holes, leading to earrings that feel loose or keep falling off, that eventually becomes a complete tear over time.

Repairing torn earlobes is a straightforward procedure carried out in-clinic under local anesthesia. This usually involves trimming the edges of the tears and stitching the skin back together. Sutures are typically removed after 1-2 weeks.

For more complicated cases like patients with recurrent torn ear lobes, a “local flap” method involving mobilizing surrounding ear lobe skin may be considered.

Patients are encouraged to bring a light ear stud on the day of the procedure. The ear stud, preferably made of inert material like gold or silver, will have to be worn for 6 weeks until the scar heals completely.

Expanded Earlobes/Ear Stretching

Aside from repairing torn earlobes, Dr Leo also offers services to repair expanded and stretched ones.

Ear stretching or gouging has been very popular over the past few years. Typically, flesh plugs in increasing sizes are used to stretch the ear lobe. To close up the resulting holes, we employ a procedure similar to that of torn ear lobe repair, except in these cases, the excess skin needs to be excised and the original shape of the ear lobe reconstructed. The wound should completely heal in 2 weeks. The final result is usually a thin, linear scar that fades over the ensuring months or years.

As with most operations, this procedure has risks that include bleeding, infection and adverse scarring.

Post-procedure, patients are prescribed with oral and topical antibiotics, painkillers and anti-inflammation medications to prevent discomfort and infections. Most patients are able to return to work the next day after surgery, but sports and swimming should be avoided for 1-2 weeks.

Apart from his clinical work, plastic surgeon Dr Leo Kah Woon is also involved in the academic training and development of promising young surgeons in Singapore. Dr Leo is experienced in the repair of torn earlobes here in Singapore. For more information, call +65 6733 3895.