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Belt Lipectomy

Belt lipectomy, also known as circumferential truncal lift, is a cosmetic procedure that involves excising excess skin and fat circumferentially around the torso. It is usually recommended for patients with massive weight loss resulting in loose skin in the anterior abdomen and back.

Patients who’ve lost a significant amount of weight often suffer from maceration, skin infections and difficulties performing exercises and regular activities. Belt lipectomy can help address these and improve the patient’s quality of life.

An ideal candidate for belt lipectomy is one who has had a stable body weight for at least six months. Pre-operative blood tests will also be carried out to exclude patients with nutritional or vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

What Happens During a Belt Lipectomy?

A belt lipectomy is a procedure performed under general anesthesia. The patient is typically first placed in a prone position to begin excisions of the back and removal of excess skin and tissue. He or she is then gently turned supine to continue the excision and further removal of excess skin and tissue. The skin will then be sutured closed.

Recovery After Belt Lipectomy

After the procedure, the patient needs to stay in the hospital for 2-5 days. Drain bottles will be inserted in the front and back to drain fluid from the treated site. No suture removal is necessary since absorbable sutures are usually used.

Waterproof dressing should be kept on for around 2-3 weeks before the wound can be exposed. Patients are also encouraged to wear special pressure garments for 6 weeks. In addition, they can start on scar management, which comprises a combination of scar creams, oral tablets and laser therapy.

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