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Breast Augmentation Clinic in Singapore

Natural looking breast enhancements can create greater self-assurance and poise Fuller breasts, breasts with better shape, size and balance, restoration of breasts after giving birth – there are many reasons why women want breast augmentation surgery, but the objectives are always similar – to enjoy having the self-image that they want, and to be more self-assured in their daily lives.

With advancements in surgical techniques, most breast augmentations can be completed in under a two hours and post operative recover is only about 2-3 days. More importantly, the techniques have become much more accurate in achieving the desired profile for the patients.

Dr Leo Kah Woon, Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon at Dr Leo Aesthetic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, has performed numerous breast augmentation procedures for women of different races and ages.

In Singapore, the most common methods of breast augmentation are breast implants and fat transfer. For implant augmentation, the two most common breast implants are saline and silicone breast implants. Generally, silicone breast implants are preferred as they feel more natural. The patients can choose the incisions to be either at the armpits, areola or at the inframammary folds. The breast implants are placed either above or below the pectoralis major muscles depending on how much breast tissue the patient has.

Alternatively, fat grafting for the breast can be done. The fat is harvested from either the abdomen or thighs and is then centrifuged to concentrate the fat and stem cells. The processed fat is then re-injected into the breast. Usually 100-300 cc can be injected at one session allowing for about one bra cup increase in size. This is a highly technique dependent procedure so the experience and skill of the surgeon plays a crucial part in determining the survival of the fat cells.

In some patients, breast augmentation can be combined with mastopexy (breast lift) or nipple areola reduction to create the ideal breast and nipple shape that the patient desires.

Breast Enlargement Surgery

Breast Enlargement is a cosmetic surgery procedure used to increase breast size and improve breast shape. This operation may also be called breast augmentation or augmentation mammoplasty.

Many women lose significant breast volume after pregnancy and breastfeeding, or after undergoing major weight loss. Many of these women then opt for breast enlargement surgery in order to regain their original breast shape and size.